My Favorite Software

As I use my PC more and more, I find myself using certain type of software over and over again. It becomes second nature for me to expect that certain software are installed in the PC I use. Despite the fact that more and more applications are integrated into Windows OS, here are the most important software for me:
1. EditPlus – text editor
2. FoxIt Reader – FREE PDF Reader
3. Primo PDF Writer – FREE PDF Printer
4. uTorrent – FREE torrent client
5. RSS Bandit – FREE news aggregator
6. WinAMP – FREE MP3 player software
7. ACDSee – FREE image manager
8. Winzip – file compression manager

For general application development, I find the following software are very important:
1. MS Office
2. Visual Studio 2005
3. Visual FoxPro 9.0
4. PHP
5. MySQL
6. HTML Help Compiler
7. Inno Setup (may not be required, depending on the project requirements)
8. Rational Rose (not required for development but it’d be nice to have at your disposal)
9. Borland Delphi (alternative to VS2005)
10.Borland C++ Builder (alternative to VS2005)

For web development, it would be more ideal to also have the following:
1. Macromedia Studio
2. Apache

What would you like to have in your harddrive? 🙂