The year 2011 will mark the beginning of a new era of computing: cloud computing. What’s cloud computing? Cloud computing is the next evolution of computing which began with the rise of PCs in the early 80s. After PCs era, came network computing era with the prevalent Local Area Network. Next wave came the internet era with client/server applications. Now, it comes down to cloud computing era.

Cloud computing places computer resources into the cloud, where third party entities provide computing infrastructure for businesses to utilize. The main advantage is the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance can be borne by the provider for the benefit of smaller business and the business can focus on their own business processes instead of taking care their IT infrastructure. The emerging of fast broadband access all over the world has foster the adoption of cloud computing in the business environment.

Despite the advantages, there is one big concern on the information security issue. Using cloud computing means using the internet to transport your information to cloud storage. Once the information reach the target systems, security becomes critical concern. Significant progress can be seen on these concerns, though. But it’s very important not to forget this.

TabletPC is the evolution on the PCs used to support cloud computing. With cloud computing, you only need PC with internet connection on your side. This kind of PCs don’t require all the best of current hardware technologies. Hardware manufacturers are pushing the PCs to cover this gap with the introduction of TabletPCs. TabletPCs become popular when Apple Computer released its best selling gadget iPad. Suddenly a new era of computing begins.

Currently there are still no winner in the TabletPC market. Blackberry is entering the arena with its Playbook, Samsung with Galaxy, and Motorola with Xoom. Next generation of users will use TabletPCs more as multimedia gadget to do business and entertainment anywhere.

TabletPCs will be on every palm of the next generation!