Acer Iconia A500: 10’1″ screen, 1280×800 pixel, 16/32 GB, WiFi only, Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Iconia A500 is the first tablet from Acer which utilized Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb. This OS is specifically designed to run on tablet and was just released 2 months ago. All tablets before Iconia are using earlier Android OS which were designed to run on smartphone.

Iconia A500 is a 10’1″ tablet with 1280×800 pixel resolution. It has 2 built-in camera: one 2MP front camera and one 5MP back camera. Those cameras can record 720p video. This gadget, which weigh in 765gr, doesn’t have cellular connection. You must use WiFi to connect to the internet. But you still can pair it with your cellphone using Bluetooth.

Acer also bundles 3 popular games into Iconia. The games are Let’s Golf, Need For Speed Shift, and Hero of Sparta. There 2 variant of Iconia: 16GB and 32GB. To expand the storage further, you have USB and MicroSD option.

Iconia A500 is currently priced around Rp 4.000.000 per unit.