Blackberry Playbook

Finally, Playbook is released! The first notable about the tablet from RIM is its excellent screen. With 1024×600 pixel resolution, it can display detail pictures. Playbook also support 1080p HD video with AVI, MP4, FLV and videos converted to High Profile 1080p. Playbook even support external HDMI connection so it can play video into TV.

Playbook is also light and slim. Playbook dimension is 13cm x 19,4cm with 1cm thickness. It may be too big to fit into your jacket pocket, but with 425gr weight it is not going to be a burden in your work bag. Playbook is very portable!

Playbook specialty is its multitasking capability. Even when it is multitasking 10 applications, the performance is still top notch.
Playbook has its own Application World Market. Currently only few applications are available for Playbook users, but the prospect is great. Playbook applications can be created using various programming language such as Java, C/C++, Adobe AIR, HTML5 and JavaScript. Playbook can also run Android applications using virtualization technique.

Ironically, Playbook doesn’t have built in email, contacts and calendar application. It must be paired with Blackberry handset to get those capabilities using Blackberry Bridge technology. Once connected, all email on the handset can be viewed on Playbook. But if the connection is broken, all the data is lost from Playbook. RIM is still working on special Playbook applications for handling email, contact and calendar.


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