Barcelona beat Manchester United 3-1!

Barcelona claimed UEFA Championship League 2011 title after beating Manchester United 3-1 in the memorable final at Wembley Stadium. Barcelona’s goals were scored by Pedro, Messi and Villa. MU’s scored by Wayne Rooney. All three Barcelona’s goals proved their superiority over MU when holding the ball. MU’s possession was far less than Barca’s.

MU managed to hold Barca in the first 15 minutes, and had a couple of chances for scoring goals. But after 20 minutes of play, Barca’s player started to play their trademark possession football, double their passes over MU statistics. Once they’re on the roll it’s just a matter of time before goals coming. The first half ended 1-1, after Pedro’s goal was quickly responded by Rooney’s goal.

Overall the final is a bit one sided in the second half. MU’s players were losing their confidence and frustration grew as their opponents keep passing the ball around with very high precision leaving no chances for the opponent to take possession. MU players employed zonal marking, but they left too much room for Messi who scored from outside the penalty box with a powerful strike. Villa’s goal were also from outside the box. One thing in common, Van der Sar seemed to have problems with shoots to his left side.

Messi is a very talented player, and he was awarded MOM award for the game. Congratulations Barca! What a great soccer! MU should not feel ashamed as their only lost in Champions League 2011 is in the final game, and to a better team. At least for this time.


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