US Stocks Overview @ 21 Sep 2011

AAPL @ 418 is up, but the impulse systems signaling weariness of the move. It still has some potential upside move but very limited. Watch out for reversal in the near term! Potential SHORT candidate.

AMD @ $6.88 bearish move hit resistance EMA8. The overall move is bearish. AMD is below value zone with the decline in progress. MACD confirmed the bearish trend indication. Force index also confirming the indication. Impulse systems signaling red, allowing SHORT trade only. Price is still above MA20, so there will be some resistance.

AMZN @ $236.39, impulse systems signaling blue, permitting to short the stock. The bar is shortening, indicating the weariness of the upward momentum. The BB is shrinking, indicating reduced volatility. MACD confirmed the reversal in progress. Force index confirming some bulls are leaving. Potential SHORT candidate.

BIDU @ $140.06, impulse systems signaling RED, only permitting short for the stock. Recent move indicating a sideways trend in range $150 to $140. If BIDU close below $140 today, it is breaking down. Wait for a clearer move. Potential SHORT in the near term.

GLD @ $174.10, impulse systems signaling RED. Currently, EMA8 is still above price acting as resistance. The EMA8 is still in bearish move. GLD is about to decline further. Potential SHORT trade.
SHORT entry @ $174.5; target exit $170, stop loss @175.5.
Risk/Reward: 1-to-4.

IWM @ $70.63, impulse signaling RED. MACD indicates bearish trend is at work. Price show weakness and decline is inevitable. Volatility is decreasing. Potential breakout to the upside in the near term. Currently, it is broken down into bearish zone. IWM is still in sideways move. Wait for clearer direction.

MSFT @ 27.38, impulse signaling BLUE. MSFT is in the stage 3. The price is closing quickly to the middle Bollinger Band. Potential SHORT trade with entry @ $26.5; target @ 26.1; Stop loss @ $26.75. Risk/Reward: 1-to-2.

$VIX @ 32.5, at the lower side of the range. Low volatility confirms decreasing option premiums and market calmness in recent situation. Indication of potential spike in the near term, confirmed by the up turning of EMA8.


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