15 Programming Languages You Need To Know in 2015

By Todd Wasserman

If you’re a programmer, these are good times. Jobs in the segment are projected to grow 8% over the next seven years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re a hotshot coder, you can make up to $300 an hour or more.

Those at the high end of the pay scale have mastered the languages that are most in demand. Which are those? We asked Doug Winnie, director of content for online learning platform Lynda. Here’s his assessment:

  1. Java

    Java is one of the most popular languages for building back-ends for modern enterprise-web applications. With Java and frameworks based on it, web developers can build scalable web apps for a variety of users. Java is also the main language used to develop native Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

  2. JavaScript

    Every modern website uses JavaScript. It’s the go-to language if you want to create interactivity for your site, or build user interfaces with one of the dozens of popular JavaScript frameworks.

  3. C#

    C# is the primary language for developing on Microsoft platforms and services. Whether you’re building modern web applications using Azure and .NET, apps for Windows devices or powerful desktop apps for your business, C# is the quickest way to harness all that Microsoft has to offer. Want to play, as well? The popular Unity game development engine also uses C# as one of its primary languages.

  4. PHP

    Building a web app that needs to work with data? PHP, along with databases like MySQL, are essential tools for building modern web applications. PHP powers a majority of today’s data-driven websites, and is the foundation technology for powerful content management systems, like WordPress, which you can extend to make your site more powerful.

  5. C++

    Want to get a little lower level with your programming? When you need to connect directly to hardware to get the most out of your processing power, C++ is the perfect choice for developing powerful desktop software, hardware-accelerated games and memory-intensive apps on desktops, consoles and mobile devices.

  6. Python

    Python can almost do it all. Web apps, user interfaces, data analysis, statistics — whatever your problem, there’s likely a framework for it in Python. Most recently, Python has been used as a key tool for data scientists to sift through giant data sets for any industry.

  7. C

    Why is the C language still popular? Size. C is small, fast and powerful. If you’re building software for embedded systems, working with system kernels or just want to squeeze every last drop of the resources you have at hand, C is lean, mean and ready to scream.

  8. SQL

    Data is massive, it’s everywhere and it’s complex. SQL gives you the ability to find the exact information you want in a fast, repeatable and reliable way. Using SQL, you can easily query and extract meaningful data from large, complex databases.

  9. Ruby

    Want to kickstart your project in record time, or prototype a new idea for your next big web app? Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) can get you there quickly. The Ruby language is straightforward to learn and incredibly powerful, plus it powers tons of popular web apps around the globe.

  10. Objective-C

    If you’re interested in making an app for iOS, you’ll need to know Objective-C. While last year’s hype centered on Apple’s new language Swift, Objective-C is still the foundational language if you want to build apps for the Apple ecosystem. With Objective-C and XCode, the official software development tool from Apple, you’ll be in the App Store in no time.

  11. Perl

    Is Perl esoteric? Yes. Is it confusing? Yes. Is it a super powerful language, and a key component of anyone’s cyber security arsenal? Also true. Perl has powered the web since its early beginnings, and is still considered a key tool for any IT professional.

  12. .NET

    Although not a language in itself, .NET is a key Microsoft platform for cloud, service and app development that gets more advanced and valuable with each release. Due to the recent open-sourcing efforts of Microsoft, .NET is now coming to Google and Apple platforms. As a result, you can use .NET today with a variety of programming languages to build apps that easily support multiple platforms.

  13. Visual Basic

    Visual Basic is the language that gets business done. A key language of the .NET platform, it enables you to build applications to support your business, and automate powerful Office applications like Excel to accomplish super-human feats of computation, as well as streamline your most common tasks.

  14. R

    R is powering the revolution of big data, and is a must-know language in 2015 for anyone in need of serious data analysis. From science and business to entertainment and social media, R is the language to learn for statistical analysis across nearly every field of interest.

  15. Swift

    Not even a year old, the Swift programming language has captured the eyes and keyboards of developers worldwide as a new, fast and easy way to develop for Apple’s Mac and iOS operating systems. Swift’s broad power and friendly syntax makes it possible for anyone with a Mac to build the next killer app for iOS or Mac OS X.


7 Hal yang Dilakukan Wanita, Tak Disukai Pria

Minggu, 04 Januari 2015 | 14:48

Ada banyak cara untuk menarik perhatian pria, tapi jangan terlalu berlebihan.

Ladies, berikut beberapa hal yang biasa dilakukan wanita untuk menarik perhatian pasangan, tapi ternyata salah besar, sebab mereka tak menyukainya, seperti yang dirilis Women’s Health Magazine:

1. Gaya bicara seperti bayi
Pria biasanya akan berpikir lebih jauh tentang menunda pernikahan, ketika pasangannya masih sering berbicara menirukan suara bayi.

2. Banyak parfum
Satu atau dua parfum tak masalah, tapi tidak dengan mengoleksi aneka parfum dan mencampurkan beberapa diantaranya saat kencan.

3. Bibir “bebek”
Banyak gadis terobsesi selfie dan percaya bahwa mengerucutkan bibir akan mengubah penampilannya menjadi menarik. Padahal kebanyakan pria merasa tak mengerti mengapa wanita harus berpose sama sekali tak menarik seperti itu.

4. Memakai sepatu tak nyaman
Memakai stilleto memang tampak seksi pada beberapa wanita. Tapi pria tahu bahwa high heels sering menyiksa pasangannya. Mereka lebih suka melihat pasangannya tampil santai, apa adanya.

5. Bicara kotor tak pada tempatnya
Tak semua pria suka dirty talk. Bila pasangan menyukainya, Anda juga tak harus melakukannya dimana saja Anda mau. Wanita yang tahu menempatkan diri jauh lebih seksi.

6. Menggunakan glitter
Glitter hanya untuk artis seperti Lady Gaga. Laki-laki akan lebih memandang Anda sebagai gadis yang perlu perhatian berlebihan jika Anda menggunakan glitter saat kencan.

7. Minum alkohol
Bagi sebagian pria, wanita yang suka minum alkohol dianggap tak seksi. Beda jika pasangan Anda adalah pria yang senang alkohol.

Penulis: Nessy Febrinastri/FAB