With the IDX rebounds, I have added several stocks to my watchlist: GGRM, BSDE, PTBA, SMGR, BRPT, SMRA, DOID, ADRO.

GGRM recorded higher net foreign buy in the last week session. This indicates possible accumulation by foreign traders. After 2 or 3 down sessions, it usually rebounds. Technical chart shows an early sign of accumulation. Stochastics picks up an early buy signal for this stock.

BSDE is picking up foreign buyers. Lower stock price might attract short term trader into this one. Definitely worth another look! Technical chart shows a bullish trend consolidation. Stochastics seems to indicate further weakness.

PTBA seemed to be controlled by domestic buyer. Very few foreign buying activity. Technical chart indicates bullish trend building up with bullish momentum. Stochastics seems to indicate more weakness ahead.

SMGR recorded net foreign buy since the beginning of the year. The last trading session recorded record high net foreign buy accompanied by record high net domestic sell. Change of guards in progress? Technical chart indicates slowing bullish momentum. Stochastics signals more weakness momentum ahead.

BRPT seemed to be controlled by domestic buyer. Foreign activity seemed small.

SMRA seemed to be controlled by domestic buyer. Foreign activity seemed picking up in the last trading session.

DOID small cap stocks full of speculator. Avoid this one!

ADRO seemed to dominated by domestic ownership. Low stock price attracts a lot of short term trader. Avoid this one!

IN SUMMARY: I will watch GGRM closely and I will be looking for possible entry. BSDE, PTBA and SMGR will also be watched for possible bullish reversal move in short term.