Follow Up on AMZN CSP Trade @ 8th Aug 2019

On 5th Sep 2019, I took a look at my CSP trade which started on 8th Aug 2019. AMZN had been trading in smaller channel recently and closed on $1,800.62 per share. This means our CSP trade most likely will have a very small residual premium right now. Checking the options quote on 5th Sep 2019 showed a premium value of just $0.15 (which means I can close the trade by buying back the CSP at $15 per contract). The initial premium value when I started the CSP was $2,200 per contract. Simple calculation reveals our unrealized profit on this trade if I close the trade now is $2,185 (calculation: 2,200 – 15)

Not bad for 29 days trade 😊

My plan next is to roll out this CSP for another 30 days forward.

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