Import Books in Indonesia Are Going to Get Cheaper!

Indonesian Government are going to clear VAT and Income Tax on non-fiction import books starting from next month. The Financial Ministry is working on completing the regulations to support the law.

This effectively will reduce the import book price in Indonesia. Lower book price hopefully will increase access to those books. In the end, it will foster further knowledge transfer.

Before the rule becomes effective, import books (regardless fiction or non-fiction) valued above US$50 are charged with VAT and Income Tax. Indonesian book-lovers must pay the extra charge as the government is treating those books as luxury items.

Luckily, now the government can see the right thing to do! Welcome good quality books!! 🙂


Guy Cohen’s latest book THE INSIDER EDGE

“The Insider Edge: How to Follow the Insiders for Windfall Profits” is the title of Guy Cohen’s latest book in which he explains how his proprietary indicator, the OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) can be used with easily identifiable chart patterns to provide robust trading strategies for both novice and experienced traders.

Those new to the OVI often puzzle over what it is and why it might work so well.  In ‘The Insider Edge’ Guy explains how data from the options markets can be used to lift the veil from the intentions of the big players in the markets who cannot trade the open markets for fear of revealing their hand in advance.

As such, the OVI provides an inside view of the big player’s next moves.  When combined with savvy trading strategies based on secure and reliable methods on which Guy’s whole trading strategies have been based from the very beginning this is an advantage that really can give the private trader the ‘edge’.

This book is well worth picking up to give you an insight into the whole basis of Guy Cohen’s Private Trader Club before you take the plunge.

UI Built The Largest Library in The World!

Universitas Indonesia (UI) has built a new library, which is claimed to be the largest library in the world, in Depok, West Java. The new library is named The Crystal Knowledge and it will be opened at 13 May 2011. The library occupy 25.000 square meters land with 33.000 square meters building.

Visitors will be able to read physical and digital collections. There will be 3 – 5 million titles served, with reading rooms, and 100 silent room. The library is also designed to be meeting place for students, professors, and public. The library will have gardens, restaurants, banks, and bookstores. From outside, the library building looks lika a giant shell with three towers.

At full capacity, this library can hold 10.000 visitors, about 20.000 visitors per day.

Looking forward to visit the library!